A sustainable Model?

Once your business is launched, will you have the energy to keep it up?
Designing your business so that you can keep working ON it, and not just IN it, is a critical success factor. As a practical matter, a small business demands constant vigilance, and that limits the time you can spend delivering to customers. In addition to business development, some of the key tasks are:

Asking for feedback and other information that keeps you aware of customers' shifting worlds
Find an enjoyable way to do this that fits with your brand promise, and suits the mood and habits of your best customers

It's especially important to make a practice of reviewing your results and deliverables on a regular basis. Revisit your agreement - the deal from worksheet 7 - whether written or verbal, and make sure you elicit your customer's assessments. Consider this part of your work - a project or deliverable is not complete until you have discussed it with your customer and anyone else involved.

In those conversations, go after critical feedback that can help you learn and improve, and commit to how you will apply that learning. This practice will set your business apart by deepening your customer and vendor relationships, and by ensuring continued excellence in you delivery.

Staying curious
Even when you think you may be confronting ‘bad news’, curiosity about the factors that may impact you and your customers is mission-critical

Competitive awareness
Don’t make the common mistake of thinking you’re unique; what counts is who your Customers think competitors are, and what they think of their services. Make sure you find out.

Updating your offers
The world is changing fast; don’t get complacent. Follow what’s pertinent to your best Customers like your life depends on it

Regular communications
Find a way to stay in diaglogue that fits your brand promise, and keep inquiring how Customers respond to all messages. Remember that communication is two-way - your messaging is only half of it.

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