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More of us are Solopreneurs than ever before.
And it's harder than ever to be self-employed.
Our free worksheets provide proven, hard-to-come-by guidelines for getting your best work to the right customers.

Make the time to avoid costly mistakes.

The home run is delivering high-integrity, distinctive value to the right customers, at a price that works for all. GoodLittleBiz worksheets reveal how to leverage the advantages of Micro Business to bring clients the experience and the results they want.

In a noisy, fast-changing world, it's easy for a small firm to get lost. Learn the moves to make your high-quality offers stand out.

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The site works by asking you the kinds of questions that seasoned business coaches provide their clients. I've been one for 30 years.

Our worksheets aren't quick or easy. They get to the hard stuff that allows Freelancers and Self-Employed to thrive - or not. And you can buddy up with other users to make the journey more fruitful.

It's all 100% free of payment. You won’t be asked to purchase 'extras' or 'upgrades'; you won’t find yourself halfway through a process, and then be asked to pay for something you need.

Enjoy it. If you find it useful, please pass it on to others.
And please - let me know how you respond to the site, and ask for what else you need. Hearing from you is what lets me make it better.

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