Helpful web sites

My Own Business, Inc

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization providing a newsletter and free educational coursework to foster successful entrepreneurs.

If you visit them, I would love to hear from you about the relative benefit of their material vs GoodLittleBiz.
- Thanks, Marsha

Guerrilla Freelancing

Posts "tips and advice from the trenches"

Freelance Meetups

A free resource for connecting with other Freelancers in your area


Another site than connects Freelancers to projects, and clients to Freelancers

These folks offer a FREE course in 14 sessions, covering the basics of starting a business. It's product-oriented, like almost all such courses are.

I have not taken the course, but I have perused it. It covers the natty details.

Get a Freelancer

Another site that connects Freelancers to clients and projects.

The Wealthy Freelancer

Regular posts about how to thrive in a small business

Lime Exchange

One of a number of websites that connect Freelancers to projects and clients.

The Freelancers Union

An organization dedicated to serving Freelancers. HQ in New York - as expecially tough place - they've begun to extend services to small biz folk in other states.

They offer good rates on insurance, as well as lots of information targetted to solo shops.

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