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Spark & Juice
Igniting the best in yourself and those around you

Do you sometimes wonder how people could have missed what seemed so obvious? Wishing they were just plain smarter?  More curious?  Wishing you felt more powerful and engaged?

Spend the evening learning how to get brain juices flowing, and what impedes them. Practice putting everyone at their best – including you
Our play together will include:

  • Business is a social activity  
  • Much of what drives social pain and social pleasure is hard wired
  • Plasticity makes life (and business) fun and sexy
  • Getting the juices going

Marsha will be presenting, in partnership with The Link.

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Cost (includes wine, robust appetizers and workshop)
           Link Members $35/Non-Members $50.  Want to Become a Link Member?
PrePaid only (By Noon, Wednesday, Oct. 13)

Want more info?  Email marsha@bestwork.biz.




Em-Powering a Recession-Fit Brain

An interactive tour of key practices for keeping your eye on what’s important - and your head, heart, and spirit on generating value, no matter what’s going on around you. The workshop will synthesize wisdom from the Martial Arts, Neuroscience, and Business Anthropology.

We can bring these fun, eye-opening workshops to your organization.

Contact Marsha at Marsha@GoodLittleBiz.com.

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Upcoming Events

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