Good books to read

The Mesh

An excellent tour of 'The New Economy' by a highly successful entrepreneur.

Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love

This is an excellent guide for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs. Called "the Real Deal" by Seth Godin; I agree.
Be sure to read, "Is the world ready for you?" You'll avoid many costly mistakes.

The New Age of Innovation

Not written for small businesses, C.K. Prahalad might be the most respected management expert in the world. And typically 10 years ahead of everyone else.

This book points to the central advantage we small operators enjoy - we're nimble -we can co-invent our offers and our entire business with our best customers and with other smart proprietors all over the world.

When you see how complex anmd slow it is for the big guys, and how easy it is for us, you'll be in better shape to leverage the advantage.

The Power of Small

The title does not refer to small business, but it might as well. This very user-friendly book will help keep you focused, and enjoy a good return on your energy.

Written by two savvy leaders who know how to inspire the best. They've built an excellent advertising agency from the ground up. Know the Aflac duck? That's theirs. As is The Power of Nice and Bang! Get your message heard in a n oisy world.

Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind

The classic, by Reis and Trout. 3 decades old, and still the best on the subject. An easy read. Don’t overlook this one - it's very important to understand how positioning works.

A New Brand World

Scott Bedbury's 8 Principles for achieving brand leadership in the 21st century. An excellent summary by one of the best. His points apply to a solo freelancer as much as to any large-scale brand.

Here's one of the areas where we small operators have an advantage over big biz - we can personalize every aspect of our business so that it fits our best customers liken a glove.

Invest a bit in learning about brand - it's not as intuitive as you might think.

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