Recommended Articles

Valuing your services - even in tough times

A good read from Molly Gordon, expert on accidental entrepreneurs, about how to establish your value with clients.

Interesting Recession Solopreneur Stories

I like these ingenious and unpredictable examples from the New York Times

Busting myths about home-based businesses

We're far more important to the economy, more successful, and more sustainable than the myths suggest

The Long Tail Marketing - Crucial for Small Business

Underscores the importance of Anderson's book, The Long Tail. Read it.

Four Strategies For Growing During Tough Times

Very practical approach for small businesses

Article reviewing Freelance-connecting sites

Lots of resources to consider and learn from


Another site that connects Freelancers to clients and projects

For Freelancers, A Room of One's Own?

Are you concerned that Freelancing may not fulfill your social needs? Here's an approach from the growing community of solo service providers in Portland, Maine

SMB Marketing Is About Telling Your Story

A crisp look at some of the reasons small businesses get a C- in markeing

The Promise and Peril of the Freelance Economy

Self-employment has made America more productive, but at what cost to the self-employed?

A fine peek at what's happening as more and more people operate as independents, and the organizations that are working for them.

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