WEBINAR: Business & The Brain

The human brain was fully evolved by the time of the Lascaux cave paintings, more than 20,000 years before writing, cities, and taxes, and 25,000 years before the Industrial Revolution. Modern business makes stressful demands on a brain that evolved in the Stone Age. The webinar will explore how we can be smarter and more nimble by working with the brain's natural wiring, why we can't just power through stress (and what to do about that), and which new skills - new neural pathways - can make it easier to spark customers' curiosity and cultivate trust. Marsha Shenk is a veteran consultant and one of the pioneers of Business Anthropology. In the trenches for 3 decades with leaders from the Fortune 10 to small service firms, she forged a unique and far-reaching approach to the questions that every enterprise faces. Click here to watch the webinar playback or here to view the ppt on slideshare.

INTERVIEW: Exceptional Women Northwest In this dynamic conversation, Marsha Shenk discusses her consulting work (Best Work) and her free resources for solopreneurs, micro businesses and small businesses. Discussion includes: the learning process, the hurdles people face and how to overcome adversity.Click here to listen.

INTERVIEW: How enterprises can thrive in the current environment.
Download the audio file here in mp3 format (14mb) or click here to listen to it while you visit the site.

INTERVIEW: How Is a Woolly Mammoth like a Customer? Funny You Should Ask. from American Airlines Magazine

Audio Files - Marsha Shenk on Trust

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