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Primary benefits customers enjoy: 

They clarify and tighten up the Game they're playing, focus on what it means to win, and what it will take, and how they will track their progress.

They get in shape to generate value, no matter what's happening around them.

They become pro-active about listening, about extending offers, building new competences, making requests, and about inviting others to inquire with them.

Brand promise: 

Shape yourself and your enterprise to thrive in a shifting world

Company name : 
Marsha Shenk, The BestWork People,
Best customers: 

Creatives and Leaders who suspect that commerce is the key to building a world we can be proud to leave to our grandchildren

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Seven Questions for prospective customers : 

1. Who are the people you are naturally drawn to?
2. What's going on with them? What are they concerned about?
3. What do you want to contribute to them? How do you want their
worlds to be different by virtue of exchanging with you?
4. What are the questions they are currently asking about that?
5. What questions do you want them to be asking?
6. What might you want back from them in a robust exchange?
7. What would enable that to happen?

Key search words : 
Business Anthropologist, Coaching, Consulting, Facilitating, Game Theory, Navigating the Downturn, Neuroscience in Business, The Master Moves

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