Frequently Asked Questions

How important is small business to the economy?
Very important.

About 80% of the businesses in the economy are firms of 10 people or less. Copy this URL to find out what the SBA has to say about that

We can all do our part by building thriving small businesses. That's what this site is all about.


Why is GoodLittleBiz focused on services?
Two reasons:

1)The site was conceived at a time when millions of people are struggling to find their way in a difficult economy. The desire to serve others is hard-wired into the human brain. It’s natural for us to dream of serving, and to feel good about doing it.
I want everyone to be able to harness that powerful force.

2) Information about how to grow a service business is much harder to come by. Received wisdom about growing a business was developed for product-centric businesses. I’ve spent 30 years developing methods for professionals and independents to get their best work into the marketplace.


Why do you want so much information ?
Your information helps me understand who the site is serving, and will enable me to do two things:
1) Further refine the features to serve better
2) Share what I learn with you. For example, if people in health care find certain questions difficult, and graphic designers find other questions difficult, I can blog or focus chat sessions on those subjects, so that those who need more can get it.


Can anyone see my worksheets?
Only those to whom you choose to send them.


Why a support group?
There’s lots of evidence from a number of fields, that when people are taking on something new, it’s very helpful to be in contact with others who share those challenges, or who have been through them

This is also part of the way the brain is wired. Most of us don’t like to be alone with our challenges: we take comfort and re-assurance from others’ stories and know-how.


Will you come talk to our group?
I’m open to it. Send me an email.


Can I change my profile?
You bet. Just go into the Directory, choose EDIT, and make the changes.


How do I change my password?
In the yellow box in the upper right, click on 'My account', then choose "Edit" and page down to your password.


Do I have to do the worksheets in order?
Nope. Do them any way you like. Some of the later worksheets ask for your responses to the earlier ones, and you may find benedfit from worksheets that come earlier in the sequence, but it’s entirely up to you.


What small business tools and products do you recommend?
There are a few in the Resources tabs that I know personally, and you’ll find others that are recommended by other GoodLittleBiz people on each worksheet.


Can I make a new worksheet for GoodLittleBiz?
Absolutely. Put it up in your profile on the Directory.

I worked very hard to distill 30 years of work into 7 worksheets, and I’ll be slow to add any to the main site.


What if I don't know what I'd love to be doing?
It's not surprising that many smart, accomplished people are feeling bewildered at this moment. Not knowing where to turn or how to navigate.

If you draw a blank on this question, start here instead:

  • Who are the people you care most about?
    Set up a large page - maybe an easel page - with this question, and give yourself a few days to play with it. Don't worry if your responses aren't organized or parallel - just let your mind go however you may respond.
  • When you find that the list looks fairly complete, begin asking yourself: what's going on with them? What are they concerned about?
    Add those notes to your list.
  • Our brains are programmed to be ingenious in response to others' concerns - it's part of human hard-wiring - the glue that allowed our ancestors to thrive even though they were often out-sized and out-numbered by predators, and often facing changing environments.

    Let it happen. Don't look for the 'right' answer. For example, don't look for 'career paths' or ways to apply your training. Just notice youself getting energized about addressing peoples' concerns, and then go back to Worksheet #1.

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