Work Groups

Work with others to make the worksheets easier and more enjoyable.

Ever noticed how easy it is to see others' lessons?

Much of the value you derive from the site is likely to involve new ways of thinking, new questions and distinctions. Ample evidence from the last 3 decades shows that buddies greatly improve the results of new challenges - from recent birth to career change to retiring. Exploring with others speeds desired results, and makes then journey more comfortable.

Learn how people are applying new insights. These can be very rich exchanges. You'll find a widget in the footer of every page that enables you to easily send your worksheet responses to others.

In a work group, you gain access to messages. You'll receive an email for each post in the groups you join, and you can unsubscribe from group emails at any time on your account page under the "Notifications" tab.

You can also contact other GoodLittleBiz users near you who are interested in being part of a work group.

If your group has questions, or would like some kind of help, please contact me. (There's a widget in the footer of every page for that, too.) I'd love to hear what your group is working on, and am happy to discuss anything you may be finding difficult.

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