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There are some hard questions in these Worksheets. The process took time. Digging deeply and thoroughly required as much or more time away from the website as on it. That said, the end result was a real gift in its thoroughness, the discoveries it provoked, and the solid ground it gave me for moving forward.
Lisa Marshall, www.SmartWorkCo.com
Reading through the Worksheets, I can see all the mistakes I have made in the past 20 years. It’s not the simple ‘How to start a business’ stuff; you are looking at the most important factors that it takes to make a service business successful. Even more important, do you really have a business model that is solid and has a chance of meeting your needs?
Christine Martell, www.VisualsSpeak.com
Marsha, I just wanted to reiterate what a fantastic resource your site is! I love the blog and common mistakes and the worksheets were an amazing help to bring the big picture in to focus. It did take a couple week for me to get through all the worksheets, not just because I was thinking about the questions, but because of a busy schedule.

If I wasn't committed to re-inventing my business this summer, I probably would have had a real challenge getting through the worksheets just due to my regular focus of working in my business as opposed to working on my business.

Sam Rodriguez, www.clearlogicit.com
I love the structure, it's awesome that it is free
Julie Gieseke, www.mapthemind.org

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