About Marsha Shenk

Marsha is a pioneer. She coined the term "Business Anthropology". More than four decades ago, she began pondering that society, commerce and the brain co-evolved. She was one of the first to recognize the imperative and the opportunity facing modern business: to move away from Industrial Age models to generate more benefit for all constituents - customers, employees, and communities.

She founded the BestWork™ People in 1980. Working with leaders from the Fortune 10 to micro-business - in many industries - her work deepens competitive gaps and sustains market leadership; boosts profitability, productivity and loyalty, and creates new markets, products and services.

Marsha introduced new ways of inspiring peoples' best work and fueling valuable exchanges, no matter what is happening in the marketplace. Her Master Moves™ naturally spark learning, illuminate costly barriers, and forge new metrics. Her Core Promise™ process greatly simplifies strategy for growth: mobilizing stakeholders and minimizing cost.

She is also known for using Game Theory to enable enterprises to lead the market: winning a game that only they can see, in which others must compete.

Marsha’s passion is de-mystifying the principles that govern value: making them accessible to all who want to use the vast power of commerce to make a better world. She loves building cultures that fulfill business objectives and enable employees and their families to thrive. She continues to study with Neuroscientists to learn more about how exchanging with others is ‘programmed’ in our biology. She translates that research into practical steps for growing business.

Dozens of senior teams have used The Master Moves to cultivate an appetite for learning and improvement, make sound decisions, and get in shape for the next round of challenges. Her favorite clients are thought leaders who set new standards, lead their industries, and confound competition.

Marsha partners with colleagues from multiple disciplines to ensure top tier thinking. Her work has included 15 years of teaching leadership through courses, and 32 of consulting, coaching, and facilitating.

Marsha's education began at Reed College, and includes doctoral study at UCLA and Berkeley, as well as numerous post-graduate courses.

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