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GoodLittleBiz was born in early 2009, as I watched people struggle with unwelcome economic news. It was a moment not unlike that, 30 years ago, when I started a consulting practice - seeing people struggling, suffering because they couldn't see a way to get their best work into the marketplace.

How is it that I see a clear path when others are troubled by uncertainty? Certainly decades of reflecting throughb the lens of anthropology has something to do with it. It's apparent to me that commerce is nothing more nor less than the habit of exchanging by which humans make their living. Such exchanges are as old as the first human community. Think 350,000 generations (Alexander the Great conquered the western world perhaps 115 generations ago; the Renaissance was roughly 40...)

Much can be understood from this perspective. I've been putting it to good work for 30 years coaching and consulting. The model is nicely burnished now, and the time is right to make it a gift to all who can use it.

I hope you'll help me share it, by sending the GoodLitleBiz.com link to others who are looking for new ways to navigate our shifting economic world.

Many have asked me, "What's in it for Marsha? How do you get paid? Is this a backhanded way of trying to sell coaching and consulting services?" The answer is twofold:

  • I am seeking advertising revenue to support the site
  • I hope to learn a great deal about what solopreneurs most need, how much they can learn remotely, and how best to accomplish that.

Please help me learn by giving me the benefit of your comments and questions. There are feedback buttons on every page. The better informed I am, the better I can deepen the benefits of GoodLittleBiz.com.

Thanks for your Visit.

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